Monday, 4 May 2015

Cappuccino Layer Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting (Gluten and Dairy Free!)

You may have spotted a photo of this cake on my Instagram yesterday (you can follow me here!) and I promised to put the recipe up today, so here it is! After discovering that we had something of an egg surplus (18, to be precise, and all needing to be eaten fairly imminently), I thought it was a pretty good excuse to make a really monstrous, decadent cake. The kind of cake I usually feel I can't justify making!

I used the recipe for Mary Berry's Cappuccino Coffee Cake as a basis for this, but I swapped the flour and butter for gluten and dairy free alternatives, threw some chocolate chips into the sponge (because, why not??) and switched the coffee buttercream for a salted caramel version.

I'm super proud of this, actually! I think it's one of the best things I've ever made; plus it's actually very easy to put together, even though it doesn't look it.
I'm afraid it's not the healthiest thing you'll ever make, but I figure that you can't be healthy all of the time. And we can always go back to our chickpea blondies and beetroot brownies afterwards, can't we? ;) In the meantime, enjoy!


For the cake:

225g dairy free spread (I used Pure Dairy Free Soya Spread)
225g light muscovado sugar, or golden caster sugar
225g gluten free self-raising flour (I used Dove's Farm White Self-Raising Flour Blend)
1tsp gluten free baking powder
4 large eggs
4 tsp instant coffee dissolved in about 1-2tbsp water
75g dark chocolate chips

For the buttercream:

175g dairy free spread (take it out of the fridge in advance if you can)
350g icing sugar
1tsp salted caramel flavouring (I got mine from Waitrose)

First, preheat the oven to 180C/Gas 4, then butter (or rather, spread!) and line two 20cm cake tins. If you only have one then not to worry, you can just bake one sponge first and then the other afterwards. Mix all of the cake ingredients together in a bowl, then divide between the two tins and pop in the oven for about 25mins. When they're baked, let them cool in their tins for about 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack.

Now you can make your frosting! Beat together the spread and icing sugar in a bowl before stirring in the salted caramel flavouring. When the cakes have cooled completely, slice each one in half to make four tiers. Then simply layer up the sponges with the frosting between each, and finish with a layer of frosting on top. Decorate with walnuts, or more chocolate chips. Perfect!

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