Saturday, 4 April 2015

Pudology Chocolate Orange Pud and Chocolate Pud

Time for dessert...

I just wanted to show you all something I found when I was in Holland and Barrett the other day. I was so excited when I spotted these!* I don't think I've mentioned on here yet that I'm dairy intolerant, but I've been dairy free for the past three and a half years. The first thing people say when they hear that is, "that must be really hard!" And I always reply with the same thing; maybe to begin with, but actually I count myself pretty lucky that we live in a time where food sensitivities are well recognised and catered to. There's almost nothing really miss that I can't have! There are fantastic dairy free versions of chocolate, ice cream, yoghurt... I don't feel like I miss out at all. In fact, if I could go back to eating dairy tomorrow, I wouldn't bother.

Having said that, one area which perhaps has been a bit lacking is desserts. I hadn't had a chocolate pudding in ages before I discovered these, so I was really looking forward to trying them. They didn't disappoint me! They taste exactly like a normal chocolate dessert! That may sound a bit strange if you don't have an intolerance, but while free from options are nice in their own way, they rarely taste exactly like the original. These are gluten free, too, by the way, and suitable for vegans. Made from a blend of coconut milk and dark chocolate, they're basically heaven.

These puddings are available at a number of retailers; check here to see where they're stocked in your local area. Enjoy! Oh, and have an absolutely lovely Easter everyone 😊

*Okay, so the reason there's only one in the photo is because I ate the other one before I got the chance to take a picture!

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