Tuesday, 14 April 2015

EcoTools Starter Set

I haven't really used makeup brushes for a while, truth be told. All of that cleansing, drying...I've tended to veer more towards makeup which can be applied with my fingers. However, sometimes you just can't achieve the look you want without a brush, and I decided it was beyond time I invested in a new set of brushes to go with my expanding collection of beautiful organic makeup.

As I literally had no brushes whatsoever, I opted for this starter set by environmentally friendly brand EcoTools. It contains five brushes; blush, concealer, eye shading, angled eyeliner and brow groomer, all in a natural hemp and cotton case. The brushes themselves are made of recycled materials, with bamboo handles and cruelty free bristles.

Sounds fabulous, but how did I get on with them? Well, I really like the blush brush; I use mine for my finishing powder, and it has incredibly soft bristles which distribute the product evenly and lightly across your face. The brow groomer makes sculpting my brows into shape the work of a moment. I don't often use the concealer brush, as I prefer to apply and blend concealer with my fingers for a softer finish. But on the occasions I do use it,  such as when I'm wearing heavier evening makeup, the brush provides a smooth coverage.

The only brush I'm not so keen on is the eye shading brush; the bristles are just too densely packed, and it doesn't transfer much product onto the eyelid. However, I do like the angled eyeliner brush. It's probably my favourite brush in the set. I use it all the time to apply my gel eyeliner, and it always gives a perfect line.

In all, this is a pretty good set, worth the £14.99 you pay. Obviously, some of the brushes are better than others, but isn't that often the way with a set like this?

Have you ever used EcoTools brushes before? What did you think of them? 


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  2. I used to love Eco Tools! They always do the cutest packaging :)
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