Sunday, 15 March 2015

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

Getting down to basics...

We all know that a good skincare routine is the absolute fundamental of beauty. After all, there’s no point in investing in expensive makeup and taking the time to apply it beautifully if the skin underneath isn’t being looked after properly! For me, finding the perfect cleanser is as important (not to mention as difficult!) as finding the perfect foundation. So, it was a bit of a risk splashing out £16 on the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash. But I have to say, I’m incredibly glad that I did.

As someone with combination skin, I’ve struggled in the past to decide which kind of cleanser would work best. Normally, those designed specifically for combination complexions just haven’t worked for me, harshly stripping my skin of its natural oils and as a result actually causing it to produce more oil than before. So when I saw that this Balance Me cleanser is designed for normal to combination skin, I hoped it would be gentler yet still cleansing enough the balance my skin. Add to that the fact that it’s 99% natural, totally cruelty free and made right here in the UK, and I figured it was worth giving a whirl.

This cleanser really is unlike any other I’ve ever tried (and believe me, I’ve tried a few!) It has a pearly, gel-like consistency, gliding onto the skin like silk. It doesn’t foam particularly, but you really only need the very smallest amount, about the size of a five pence piece. It has the most amazingly uplifting scent; using it feels like a treatment rather than a chore, and it leaves your skin feeling really clean. After the very first use, my skin looked brighter, smoother and more glowing. The next morning, my skin looked less oily than it usually does at that time, but it didn’t feel at all dry or tight. I’ve been using it for quite a while now, and I’m still loving it. My skin’s more balanced and glowing, and my foundation goes on more smoothly.
Just a word of warning: if your skin's prone to dryness like mine then I would invest in a decent moisturiser for the winter months. I have begun to notice some drier patches on my cheeks recently, which I guess is the price you pay for a balancing cleanser like this. However, I'm still a fan of this product despite that. It's the best cleanser I've used in a long while, and I can't wait to try some of the other products in the range.

What skin type do you have? Which cleanser do you use? 

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash is available from a number of stockists, including John Lewis, Waitrose and Debenhams, as well as


  1. I tried a sample of this before and quite liked it! My absolute favourite product from Balance Me though is their Cleanse and Smooth Balm, it works wonders at balancing my skin :) Definitely recommend giving it a try. I'm also using Pai's cream cleanser at the moment too which is really lovely :) x

  2. Thanks, I'll definitely give that a go! I've never tried anything from Pai before, although I've seen their products around and been tempted. Maybe I'll pick up their cleanser when this runs out!xx